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Forest Road

Group Programme

Group is the preferred method to work on changing behaviour. Working as a group provides another layer of support, and assurance that you are not alone in your struggles. 

We run seperate groups for men and women who wish to make positive changes in their lives. In the groups we have conversations about what brought you to us, and work with you on your goals to improve your relationship with your family, partner and yourself.

If we find that you need more support than the groups can offer, we can also offer individual sessions, couple sessions and/or family sessions.

Topics you can expect to discuss during session;

  • What incident or behaviour brought you to Stopping Violence Dunedin

  • Where did the violent, or abusive, behaviour come from

  • What can I do about it

  • Managing our thoughts

  • Core beliefs - Do they need rethinking?

  • Conflict resolution and communication skills

  • Keeping myself and my family safe

  • Intergenerational violence and how it impacts everyone

  • Relapse prevention

  • Developing support structures to maintain a non-violent lifestyle

  • Victim impact and empathy

  • Alcohol and other drugs

  • Mental Health

  • Power and control tactics

  • Emotional regulation

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